Powercents (Ontario Edition)

Know when it's cheap, shift usage and save money. Powercents simplifies energy so you can make better decisions.

5 stars on The App Store

Helps our house avoid the high price times and great tips too – highly recommend this app


The pricemeter, countdown timer and alerts help you to take advantage of lower prices. Now that the Province of Ontario uses a Time-Of-Use billing system, the price of electricity fluctuates during the day. Get notified when prices change – avoid overpaying!


Change when power is used in your home and see what you’ll save.  Learn about small changes in your power use that make a big difference over the course of a year. Use the calculators to see how much money you can save by shifting consumption to Off-Peak hours.


Energy costs are rising. Make better decisions that save you money with helpful Powercents tips and resources. Find ways to conserve energy in your home and keep it running efficiently with our handy seasonal checklists.


Powercents is beautiful and easy to use. The highly tactile display is optimized for iPhone/iPod and will work on iPad. Each tab contains a different set of resources that simplify and save energy. Download the new version today!